Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 10 - Felt Sooo Good! I felt so strong today doing the Shoulders and Arms exercises. I increased my reps and/or weight. I mean I was killing it. I actually felt the burn during those last 3 reps of every set. I mean EVERY set I pushed until I felt the burn. AND NO DAGGON PUSH UPS OR PULL UPS! Love it. haha. I just felt like the energizer bunny today. And the So ummm while I did feel super strong, I almost died during those frog hugger thingees. My hip flexors said ..uh excuuuse me?! haha. Yea. I totally wanted to stop at that point, but stuck it through and ended up finishing really strong. One of these days I will do the advance version of each exercise. Gotta push it.

The diet today was so on point. Okay so ran out of egg whites, seriously that stuff goes waay too quickly. Had to improvise, so created a lovely fruit smoothie with vanilla soy milk and a 1/3 of egg whites. Nice! Very nice. Veeery filling. Bought more egg whites so I will definitely be back to the egg scramble that I adore. Also bought these portobello veggie burgers from Harris Teeter. I cannot wait to try those. Yummm.

So for dinner tonite, I am going to stir-fry salmon with ... yes... sesame oil. I caught a whiff of it and boy does it smell so good. Yumm. I am thinking of adding a bit of honey and apple vinegar...should make for a great sauce. Nice. Looking forward to this dinner. Especially since I still have 3 servings of protein to scarf down for the day. I love it when I have an excuse to eat! Haha!

I cant wait to check my weight. I wonder if I've lost anything. I definitely feel more fit, tighter if you will. That's really what I want. Just tighten everything up. A 6-pack would be awesome. I haven't had one of those since I was in college, and that was with a good sucking in of the belly. haha.

I am loving how pumped I am about the healthy eating and the working out. I am just feeling good about it. Actually wanting to cook and enjoying it. I even woke up 7:30 two days in a row. haha. And actually got out of bed. Yes that is serious people.



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