Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 8 - Week 2 Begin!

So Ive made it to week 2, and I can honestly say this P90X workout does get just a wee bit better; not easier. haha. I had a few small victories today: I was able to do part of each push-up exercise with no knees. YAAAY! Now next time, the goal will be to match the second set reps to the first set reps. Nice. I was also able to match if not better my week 1 rep numbers. :-D

Those pull-ups, its just not good. That situation is just crazy. The chair is my savior, but I am learning to use the chair in a way that allows me to do more work. So hopefully by the end of week 3, I will have graduated to doing a portion of the pull-up exercises with no chair. ;-)

Killed the ab workout. I was definitely making those ugly girl faces. Sheesh. Those frog hugger joints, RIGHT AFTER the in-outs and bicycles. Wowzers. My legs are on fire midway through the 2nd exercise. haha. I usually have to pause the DVD during those exercises. I find myself to be a little bit slower than the ab rippers. haha. In due time...

Today I did pretty awesome with the nutrition I must say. It wasn't bad. I found myself hungry by the time the next meal came about; even with all the daggon protein I have to eat. I am even learning how to cook without the usual butter and olive oil. I used soy sauce to saute my stir fry tonite. Yummy. Now the carb issue is the kicker. One serving of carbohydrates a day. Geez, that's unheard of. haha. WHO DOES THAT?! haha. I am starting to regret eating the bread with my sandwich during lunch. Rice sure sounds tasty with my stir fry, but gotta just kill it by itself. I know better now; save the carb for dinner. haha.

I need to get my hands on some frozen yogurt for sure; fat free of course. That treat sounds yummy right about now.

Tomorrow...plyo part deux...BRING IT!

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