Saturday, April 3, 2010

Days 4 and 5

So...I uh missed Day 4. Yoga day. I was actually looking forward to it. It just didnt work out in the schedule, BUT I am continuing on. I did Day 5. BEAST of a day. Legs and backs and that crazy ab routine. Yowza! I am a leg fanatic, my fave part of the I definitely thrive on beast leg routines.

So legs and back are straight up lunges and wall squats...all day. So rough, but it felt so good. Back is all pull ups. Tony Horton's favorite. Grrr...I am going to graduate from pull ups with the chair to just straight up pull ups one of these days. For now, its the chair. haha.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I was able to COMPLETE the entire ab workout. I did all the reps...25 for each exercise. Okay so 1 exercise I did a little less than 25, but that's still big. This is the first time I've been able to complete it without stopping. Yes! I'm getting stronger and its only been 5 days. Yaay!!!

As far as the friggin diet goes. Yesterday I did it again; ate maybe two complete meals. Well maybe 3 if you count the bowl of cereal. I didn't drink any alcohol, even though it was a Friday. That's saying a lot people, especially since I was out all day and nite. I did have pancakes (only 2) and turkey sausage. Water, very little juice; 1 cup. Much better. Muuuch better. I need those daggon protein bars.

I'm definitely going to suck up missing Day 4, chuck it as a loss. I'm glad I didn't do terrible with the diet. I am still going strong peeps. Thanks for the encouragement.

Keep it coming!

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