Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Days 6 and 7

Yes finished one complete week!

I ended up swapping Days 6 and 7 due to schedule constraints on Easter. That Kempo day was no joke. Definitely not as intense as Plyo day (which is tomorrow), but still a hefty cardio workout.

I have actually started to incorporate the nutrition plan. Day 7 was the first strict adherence to the nutrition plan. I must say that I would normally enjoy having an excuse to eat myself into a tizzy, but this phase 1 nutrition has me eating 7 servings of protein in 1 day! Geez. I never realized how tough that is. The fun part is finding tasty goodies at fast food restaurants. Example: went to Fuddruckers and got the salmon burger, no cheese, used one side of the bun, lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce. Wonderfully tasty. Yummm.

I like the interesting options there are for each food group. My favorites include: frozen yogurt (Seriously?! Oh yes. And 8 ounces of it too! haha. Of course non-fat, but whatev.), frozen fruit pops (Oh yes. As soon as I find forreal fruit pops, I'm on it.), and the oh so yummy chocolate soy milk. Of course, the plan just simply says "soy milk", no preference for flavor. Yaay! I'm drinking chocolate milk (although fake) and I'm loving that. haha.

I feel a lot better while doing the workouts, stronger. I cannot wait to feel the difference doing the nutrition will make on week 2. That's right! Week 2 and counting. Nice. Only missed 1 day in week 1; yoga day. Bummer. Minor speed bump. There wont be any future bumps as long as I can help it. I am also getting well acquainted with the handy dandy P90X excel spreadsheet. Nice. It does everything for you, calculates everything and its pretty cool for tracking progress as you input your daily workout numbers. Best of all it keeps good track of your daily and weekly nutrition. Loving this.

So my goal for this week is to use less 'assistance' with the push-ups and pull-up exercises. I am going to die, literally. My arms will be numb all the way until next week. haha.

Lets work! X!


  1. Cephas I'm so proud of you but you haven't worked this hard since you worked out with your fav coach :) Keep up the good work. You have always been strong and determined which is something I have always admired about you.

  2. Marlon that is soo true, and I really enjoyed that one year where I felt I worked the hardest, was in the best shape, and had the best performance of my career. Thanks Coach D. The plyo workouts definitely take me back to those killer workouts at RPI. :-)