Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 13 - Legs, Back & AAAAABBBS!!!

Wowzers so my Day 13 workout didn't begin until 12:30am. haha. Yea it was a crazy busy Sunday. But can I say that it was an AWESOME workout. I even managed to do exactly 1 full pull-up. My entire chest hurt afterward, and I felt like I was going to throw-up, buuut I did it. Tonite's workout felt so good. That ab workout was crazy. Big accomplishment here kids: I did all 50 Mason Twists without stopping, and finished a mere 2 reps behind Tony! OH YEA! Now if only I could start seeing those washboard abs poke through. haha.

After the workout I was able to drink the wonderful recovery drink. It WAS tasty. Only thing is 2 scoops was soo much for me. I blended it, which probably made it less dense, so I ended up drinking two cup fulls of the blend even though I used 12 0z of water. Anyways, I won't do that again. Good old fashioned spoon should do it. haha. And I totally felt great in the morning. I wasn't in pain, my muscles didn't feel like someone ripped them apart. haha. I also tried the Cafe Mocha protein bars. Nice stuff. I must say those were tasty too.

My diet was okay. I say that because I missed an entire meal. I totally didn't recognize it, until this morning as I was logging my portions from yesterday. That is soooo not good people. I was a bit upset with myself for not recognizing that I totally skipped lunch. Grrr!

Okay so on to the next one...Kempo. I am not a complete fan yet, maybe because last week I did not have the cardiovascular ability to do it without dying. haha. This week should be better I think. I am definitely going to need the recovery drink afterward.

I am really liking this P90X stuff. Feel free to comment or ask any questions. Pics in the morning. My body shouldn't look that bad first thing. haha!!


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