Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 14 - Down 6 LBS!!

So folks. I am down 6 entire pounds. The scale said 144.0. Yeeeeessss!!! I am seeing results. My legs are starting to get some of that ole definition again. The arms...umm, lets just say they look better than before.

Day 14 was Kenpo...so I see Ive been misspelling that poor word for the past two weeks. haha. Oops.

It was tough in places, and not so bad in others. I really felt a lot stronger doing the moves than I did the first week. I could actually do all 100 of the hammer punches. Yaay! Progress.

Day 15, start of week 3! Seriously?! Wowzers. That means chest and back...push-ups and pull-ups. Nooot cool. This will hurt for shizzle. haha.

The diet on Day 14 was cool. I don't think I got in that last portion of protein though. But I had a humongous lunch which really set the middle of the day off quite nicely. My turkey burgers were great and the wonderful whole cereal I found was excellent for breakfast. Maybe next time I eat the cereal, I will pair it with some eggs or something. I was definitely starving after the cereal and fruit breakfast.

Week 3! Yaaay!!!

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