Sunday, April 11, 2010

Days 11 & 12

Okay so I missed Day 10 again...Something about those Friday workouts. I find if I don't wake up early enough in the morning, Friday workouts are a no-go. I usually get home extreeeemely late on Fridays. Friday is the new rest day. haha. Okay so we will try again during week 3.

Friday is yoga day, so I ended up doing yoga on Saturday. I can see why people hate it. Ugh! Its 1.5 hours of serious yoga. The first 45 minutes are straight up warrior poses. Noooot my cup of tea. It was rough for me. I definitely wanted to give up midway through. But the second half were balance poses and yoga belly (straight up ab ripper X type stuff, yowza). This was definitely the best part of it. So the first half went terribly slow, and the second was more to my liking so it went really well. Minus the crane joint. WHAT?! I can totally see the benefit of doing this yoga X. It works every bit of muscle you use throughout the other DVDs: shoulders, arms, quads, hammies, back, and especially core. Very nice. It will be cool to see how well I improve over the weeks. Will I get to hold a crane pose for say 10 seconds? Time will tell. haha.

Sooo people, almost at the end of week 2. Cannot believe it. 12 days in already. I bought a digital scale, finally, and weighed myself. I couldn't help it. haha. Ive lost 5 pounds already!!! Its not even a month in yet. Wow. I am so pumped. I will be taking pics after my kempo day on Day 14 (that's Monday). I cannot wait to do the comparison. I need to commandeer a tape measure so I can take all the body measurements as well. I am getting excited. 80-pack abs here I come!

The diet is really cool. I treated myself to a serving of non-fat fro-yo (frozen yogurt people), with pecan toppings. Yummm. It was rather tasty AND its on the list of snacks. I even asked for the store clerk to serve me less than the small cup serving size (which is 5-oz), since I'm only allotted 4-oz of fro-yo per the program. Nice right...haha. I have been doing really well with the diet. I have been keeping up with the portions. I think I finally ate the total 7 portions of protein the other day, for the first time. That's just sooo much friggin protein. But I am literally starving every 2-3 hours or so. I love that feeling now. It means my metabolism is working it out! BRING IT BABY!

P90X is really becoming a way of life...I can see it slowly engulfing me and all that I do. I actually inquire about how foods are prepared at restaurants. Nice. The test will be when I get to the Penn Relays in two weeks. I will be surrounded by fluffy fried fish sandwiches, Jamaican beef patties, and yummy greasy cheesesteaks. O-M-G! I am racking up my list of binge foods for when I complete the 90 days. Trust...cheesesteaks and ice cream are INDEED on the list. haha. Fried Chicken too. haha.

Okay people, on to the next one...Day 13! Legs and Back. I did enjoy the leg portion of this workout, not the friggin back : pull-ups. Blah! Gonna bring it anyways! LETS GO!

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