Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 9 - So Inspired!

Wow Day 9 was Plyo. Eh...I was able to complete it without feeling like I needed an oxygen mask, which is a feat within itself.

Man just let me say how I am so inspired after reading through a fellow P90Xer's blog. Her blog was so real, and her transformation so honest. She was a regular female, 2 children; so her transformation wasn't crazy like you see on TV (80-pack abs, etc). But it was still awesome! I am so inspired. Her entire way of thinking has changed; her diet, her exercise mentality. I cannot wait!

I think I may start posting update-pics every two weeks. I still need to post my before pics. Not so nice, trust. haha.

My diet was nice today. Ate a good filling breakfast, tried out a pretty tasty protein bar (Cliff Bar...still waiting for the P90X bars), and getting ready to prepare dinner. Its late I know. OMG I am still sitting here hours after my workout. DINNER TIME!

Tomorrow...Day 10. COME ON!

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