Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 3 - Shoulders and Arms

Now this routine I like. I can actually get through this one, without wanting to call the ambulance. A very nice break from that torturous plyo workout yesterday. This felt like a breather, but not a nice deep breath; definitely a short breath ridden with asthmatic symptoms. haha.

20 workouts for the shoulders, tris and bis. I didn't know I could curl more than 5lbs. haha. I have such weak arms, but my shoulders are the greatest. I'm gonna be so sculpted. Greek Goddess-like.

I am looking forward to ordering that recovery drink and the protein bars. I find that in the middle of the day I need a boost of energy or just a good meal. I figure the bar would allow me to be a bit lazy and not have to prepare a gazillion meals a day. I don't normally do the protein bars, but I am up for new things.

I got a chance to watch someone work through P90X and it was a very cool experience. I got a glimpse of how I probably looked, struggling through. Only this person definitely didn't struggle like I did. He was a champ. (Get it babe!) It was definitely motivation to keep it going and to keep up the intensity of working out. It feels good to be challenged like this physically and mentally again. I kind of missed it. That's the inner competitive athlete in me. She's definitely planning a spectacular return....GRRRR!!!

On to yoga...Lets go!

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