Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 15! WHAT A DAY!

Wow had a crazy good workout today. I was really not feeling up to working out today. I was even thinking about using today as the rest day, but a birdie told me to stick it out. ;-) I am so thankful that I did. I surpassed so many goals today. I was able to do at least half of all my push-ups unaided; even the military push-ups which I seem to struggle with a lot! haha. Pull-ups still used the chair, but pushed it farther away so I was less dependent AND was even able to bang out more the second set than the first a few times.

Abs was serious. I really enjoy how my body still isn't used to those killers. Wow, I still completed the 349 sit-ups right along with Tony, but it was such a killer. Sheesh. I felt really great and strong today. Drank my recovery drink.

Trying to build up the nerve to make dinner at the moment. Breakfast was tasty, and light: 1 serving of eggs, and a fruit smoothie. The snacks were tasty as well. Lunch was a veggie burger with cheese and ketchup on a bagel. It was great, only my office mate decided to eat a killer steak for lunch. THAT smelled mouth-watering. haha. I need to go buy some steaks.

How about I managed to find a FAT FREE fruit sorbet. Its on the list people! I got the blood orange flavor. Yummm. I cannot wait for that snack. Will have to taste for sure. Maybe after dinner.

All in all today just ended up being wonderful. It feels good to be really banging it out during the home-stretch week of the phase 1 resistance training. Week 4 will be the recovery week for this phase. I can't believe the first phase is almost up. I promise I will post the pics. Not ready to bare all, but whatever. My body is transforming into the Greek Goddess that I am on the inside. haha. Today is truly a testament of not letting outside things, issues, etc influence your inner goals; what you are trying to accomplish. I was really ready to let my personal issues get in the way of this wonderful and courageous journey. P90X baby!


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  1. Hey. Thanks for stopping by. I love the rods, but can't stand the dryer. P90X? Hmmm, you're brave. I wanna do it, but only when I know I can commit to it.